Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some days

Some days I can't get enough of Julianna. I just want to hug her, snuggle with her, nuzzle her, kiss her and hold her. Today was one of those days. I missed her so much and I worked late, so I didn't really get to see her until after she woke up from her 5pm-6pm nap. (Daddy went and got her from daycare then put her down for her nap)... How is it possible to love something so much that is hurts when you are away from them... and you count down the minutes until you see them?! I never ever imagined this could happen. Sometimes I wish I could crawl into her crib with her and sleep there with her.

Co-sleeping was something Brian and I agreed wasn't for us and we never did it. But, I do understand why parents do it. I understand completely. Tonight was a night that I would have loved to have Jules sleep next to me so I could cuddle with her and listen to her breathe ... But (and this is a big BUT!) Julianna sleeps through the night from 8pm - 7am ... and loves her crib. I will never ruin that luxury.

(This was written Wednesday night ... published Thursday; explains the night time reference)


  1. I will never tire of saying how perdy she is * love the earrings! I should have pierced my girls ears early ... so darling * *

  2. You are a natural born mom, Skye. I'm not really surprised. Well, maybe a little. Ha! But I suspected you'd feel this way. She's such a little love-bug. ;)

  3. I meant to add: I like your new design!

  4. Look at her feeding herself like a big girl! Doesn't it break your heart a little? And yay for sleeping like a champ!

    Also, have a nosey question. Do you work from home remotely (maybe I made that up)? I'm working part-time from home for a start-up and I'm finding it difficult to juggle Miss Chloe and the work. I'm thinking we may be ready to do daycare or mother's day out a few days a week so I can get my stuff done. Is that what you're doing? If so, how is it working? my e-mail is know this isn't exactly the forum for this type of question...sorry.

  5. I can totally see how you can'g get enough of J. She is sooo darn cute and even cuter when she smiles!

  6. I love the picture of her feeding's amazing that a couple more months and she can eat anything she wants.


  7. I love that first picture! I totally know what you mean, babies are so snuggleable!

  8. Your daugther is adorable! I Love reading your blog! Thanks for the comment you left me it encouraged me alot to know that there are other mothers out there that feel its hard too.

  9. B. Lee - aww thanks! Her little butterfly earrings are the cutest... I am so glad we did pierce them. I know some are against that so young but whatever! :)

    Yvette/Nana - thanks! She is a lovey buggy!

    Granthamania - It does break my heart a little. But it's a relief that she is still pretty far away from feeding herself. She likes when we feed her. Less messy too! But she does like to suck on the bread chunks! :)

    Kitten - thanks! Her smile is contagious and so innocent that it just makes you smile with her!

    Carla - I am looking forward to that... but I think she has to have some teeth first. hahaha!I can't wait until I can give her little chicken pieces or other things we eat.

    Ashley - yeh I hope she stays like that forever! :)

    Wojtalewicz/Gierach - Thanks! It's very true - being mommy is hard no matter what.Some days are downright frustrating. Some days are downright rewarding and amazing! :)


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