Friday, January 28, 2011

Belly Flop

It's official. Julianna likes loves being on her belly.
She absolutely hated it since day one no matter how much tummy time we did with her. In the past, if she rolled on her belly by accident, she would scream bloody murder until we flipped her! Don't get me wrong, she's been rolling over for months now but she just does not like it at all.

I don't know how it happened or why, but one day last week she decided to roll over in her crib and not scream... and fell asleep peacefully. Ever since then, she can't get enough of it. I sit her down on her butt, on her floor mat, and it takes her all of 3 seconds to get down onto her belly. OK fine, as long as you are not screaming!

She's also shimmying to get things and pushing up with her legs. She might end up crawling after all! Hooray! I would be fine if she went straight to walking but secretly I'd be happier if she crawled first.  The past 2 mornings, when we wake up, we look on the monitor and see Julianna sleeping soundly like a little lamb... ON HER BELLY. Comfy as can be.

Peaceful Sleeper. I am so thankful this child sleeps 11 hours at night.

Jules playing on her belly yesterday morning with her favorite stacking cup. No screams.

Exploring. It's almost time to childproof.

"Daddy, read me a book."
I just love the Little Golden Books. I had them as a child and love them just as much now for my daughter. The illustrations still hold up.  

Happy Jule-bug! 

"Mmmmm this tastes good!" 

After Julianna went to daycare yesterday morning, Pepper took advantage and laid right in the Boppy hole, thinking I might not notice her. Silly Dog. 

Just in case any of you in the 'warmer' climates don't know what we are dealing with here in the Northeast... Here it is. We won't be seeing grass until April sometime.  


  1. a little bear on the toosh ... cutest pj's ever *

  2. So cute. Yeah, once the sleep on their tummies, there's no going back.

  3. Babies on their tummies are soo cute! Xo

  4. Aw, so cute! Harry loves his belly too. It's too bad about that weather...I'd love to send you some of ours!


  5. Her earrings are so freaking cute I can't stand it!

    And Dalia HATED belly time. Oh she just hated it. It looks like your little one is loving it! And that sleepy photo is just to die for :)

  6. Marshall seems to have panic attacks when we try to do tummy time, but he loves to sleep on his tummy. Go figure!

  7. B lee - Thanks! I go out of my way to find PJ's with something on the but! haha!

    Kari - You are so right! she is full-force tummy sleeper now. Go figure!

    Ashley - thanks! I love it too! Especially sleeping ones- something about their sleeping faces is just priceless! :)

    Carla - Yes please, send me some warmth & sunshine! I'll take it as we are now hearing about 2 days of snow & ice this week coming our way.

    Sarah - THanks, She *hated* it until last week - I have no idea what happened but now it's the bomb! Crazy kids! Thanks on the earrings too - they are from a great website called - Very nice gold baby earrings for a great price!

    Amanda - I hear ya! We've been there. I thought she would never like being on her belly - ever. We actually stopped doing tummy time about a month ago and figured if she wants to be on her belly, she will - And sure enough - she did! :) And you are one step ahead, Marshall likes to sleep on his belly! :)

  8. Pepper blends in pretty well with the boppy and toys :)

    Love the sleeping on her belly pics! I am jealous she's sleeping so well, Kylie used to sleep 10-12 hours a night but things just haven't been good lately and the last few nights have been horrible, I've been up with her all night long. I feel like I have a newborn again. She does have swollen gums up top so I think she might be teething again.

  9. Alicia - Yes she does - she thinks maybe we won't see her there and kick her out LOL
    I can't beleie Kylie is up all night after being such a good sleeper. Hopefully it's just temporary - !!


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