Sunday, January 30, 2011

Strollers & Seats & Crawlers... Oh my

We had some firsts and fun this weekend.

Friday night we went out to eat, and Julianna did so good sitting in the chair with her floppy seat at the restaurant... and she ate a full serving of barley cereal and a full jar of garden veggies. Hungry little girl. In case you didn't know, the 'hand over the eye' means "I'm Tired".

On Saturday night, we had some good friends of ours over for dinner, whose son is 3 weeks younger than Julianna. His name is Jake. We call him Julianna's boyfriend. I made some Penne with Vodka sauce along with mozzarella & tomato salad... and then chocolate pudding pie for dessert. Yum. Little Jake is crawling like a king! He is sooo fast already! Go Jake! He is also can pull himself up to a standing position. We are hoping Jules is not too far behind. Jake & Julianna played nice (kind of) on the sofa together before dinner.

Julianna was nice enough to share her most prized possession (as of right now) with Jake, her Sassy picture book.                               

"Sassy Book - Mine... Mine... Mine"

Poor unsuspecting Jake got a hold of Jules' book ... Check out the look she's giving him. Wicked. Watch out for this one Jake! She might hold a grudge, LOL!  

All's good.  

I think Jake might have needed a break from Julianna at this point. Off he went...
I am so impressed with how well he is crawling already and he's not even 8 months yet! Julianna, get a good look - this could be you...

Where ya' going little man? To inspect the dog's food bowl again!? 

This weekend, Julianna learned that she can actually hold the bottle and not have mom or dad hold it for her diva self like we normally do. I was shocked she held it for as long as she did! Baby Steps.  

Sunday - Julianna just waiting patiently for mommy & daddy to get their act together so we can go to Buy Buy Baby to get her Big Girl Stroller.  

Julianna in her Big Girl Convertible Seat. We installed it on Saturday because we had enough of carrying her heaviness around in her infant seat. Out went the Chicco base.... In went the Britax convertible seat. This thing is so nice & cushy... Lucky Jules!  

And off we went to Buy Buy Baby to get her Big Girl Stroller - I've been researching and having mind-bending dilemmas over which light-weight (umbrella style) stroller to get for her.  We had Julianna sit in each stroller & we wheeled her around, reclined her, and tried out the belt. She was having fun! We finally decided on the Maclaren Quest Sport. I kind of was leaning towards the Maclaren anyway.
So long Chicco Cortina Heavy-weight Travel System!
(Here is a stock picture since ours is still in the box in the back of the car).

What umbrella style stroller does everyone else use? How do you like it?



  1. Wow! You are a brave woman getting rid of the big stroller already! Hope is almost 2 and I am just now starting to think about switching. I LOVE the Chicco stroller (we had the same ones!) but it does take up our entire trunk ... and we really don't use it all that much anymore. Lemme know how you like this one! (Oh, we have the Britax car seat, too! LOL!)

  2. I love those pics! They are too cute playing together.

    We are about to get a Britax car seat...I'm like you, totally over the lugging of the heavy car seat around!

    Jackson has that same sassy photo book--those are the best.

  3. I totally love my Maclaren I have the single stroller and a double. My only complaint is I had to get a tire replaced on the double and I could only take it to an authorized dealer/ It cost $22 for ONE tire to be replaced. Then 4 months later 2 more tired went...UGH But so worth it. I have 4 kids so I have tried every stroller you can imagine.
    PS I think she looks just like you!

  4. Aww. I've been thinking of switching Chloe's car seat out, too. They are getting heavy for those travel systems. We just have the cheap $15 umbrella stroller from Babies R Us...along with the travel system and the jeep jogger stroller. The one you just bought looks awesome!

  5. I have the Quinny Zapp 4 stroller. Its a great umbrella like stroller but not the one I use all the time. Its folds up super small, has a huge removable sun canopy, and it turns and moves great. Its great for a mall trip but I deinately wouldn't bring it on a vacation or long trip.

    Cute pics of the kids!

  6. How exciting! When Kaia was about this age I was so fed up with the big travel system and how cumbersome it was. I still haven't got over being done with it! Poor Harry never had the joys of knowing his stroller consumed my entire trunk! I love umbrella strollers and my carrier pack...and the space in my trunk! We still need to make the switch to a big-boy car seat, though, and it needs to happen soon!


  7. Stacia - Yeah, I just coulnd't deal with all the room it took up. It was perfect for the first 8 months- I wouldn't have used anything else - but this was kind of our plan all along to switch over to this around this time. We have a RAV4 and that stroller just took up so much room in the back, I need a bigger SUV. I do not recommend the RAV4 for anyone with kids LOL

    Karen - thanks - yeh you will love the britax, (Or I should say Jackson will!) - it's like the 'mercedes' of car seats. It seems very comfy, and since they are going to be in it until 65 lbs, it's worth getting a good one.

    JenRod - Thanks for following me, welcome aboard! That is so good to know about the tires so we're prepared if it happens. You think Jul looks like me? Wow, usually people say she looks like my husband but maybe that's changing :)

    Granthamania - Do it. Switch it out - You will love it. haha. It's so nice not to have to lug that heavy seat. We go all over on the weekends, so this is huge for us! I hurt my shoulder pretty bad lugging her around, so I was so ready to do do the switcharoo.

    Jamie - I saw the Quinny online and in BuyBuyBaby too, they were nice, and comparable to the Mclaren too. You have 2 in stroller now... I bet you have a double stroller too right?

    Carla - Entire trunk is right. I'm over it. LOL. I will say this, I loved it for when Jules was a newborn; I would recommend it for anyone having a baby. We did the carrier pack alot this summer, especially in nice weather walking around outdoors... it was easier. I wonder if she will be too big for it this summer... or too heavy for daddy's back LOL

  8. Cute pics of the babies together! I love play dates, it's so fun to watch babies together. I have a friend that has a son 10 days younger than Sophia and they have a blast together :) We also have a Britax convertible carseat, we love it!

  9. The looks Julianna is shooting are priceless. I'm ready to do away with our Chicco travel system now :) I have to use both hands to carry Marshall and he's only 14lbs!

  10. Aimee - thanks, I want to try and get them together more often - She needs more exposure with babies... She doesn't know what to think of poor Jake yet. LOL.

    Amanda- Yeh she is full of expressions to say the least. It's clear she's not happy about sharing - haha! Sounds like you'll be going down the same path as us - saying goodbye to the much loved travel system - soon! :)

  11. I LOVE Julianna's boots!! We just switched our Jules to her big girl car seat over the weekend!

  12. I love this post! The pictures are fabulous! Thanks for a great time Saturday night and for including Jake in your blog! We are so appreciative to have friends such as you guys!

  13. Ashley O - Thanks, I saw those leopard boots and had to have them - they had Jules' name all over them! :)

    Nicole - No problem, the looks on Jules face when Jake took her book was priceless, I had to post! We had a great time too! Can'T wait to do it again.

  14. First of all, those are lovely photos and I love how cute Jules is being all protective of her photo album. :)

    Anyway, I busted out my MacLaren for our little vacation and I love it! I think you made a good choice with the Quest. :)


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