Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cold & Fun weekend

Wow it was cold this weekend. I am sooo ready for some warm weather...
In the meantime, we are trying to find things to do indoors so we can stay warm but still have a fun family day.

This weekend Brian, Julianna & I went to a very large mall called the Palisades Mall - it has 4 levels with tons of shopping and an Imax theater, Ice Skating rink, an enormous number of restaurants, Dave & Busters, and even Valet Parking. This mall also has an indoor Ferris Wheel and Merry-Go-Round. I told Julianna we would take her back there to ride the Merry-Go-Round in a couple years when she was old enough. We had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings... the food was at best OK. Julianna munched on her Gerber Puffs & drank some water from her sippy cup while we ate lunch. We walked every level, got a Starbucks latte, and did some window shopping ... it was a fun day and a great way to stay warm while it's cold outside!

We also tried out Julianna's new Duck bath - She liked it a lot! She was not scared of it at all.... Phewwwww !! I felt much safer by having her in there instead of sitting right in the big tub.

Today we watched Football (Yay Jets!!), played with Julianna for a long time on the floor and I made Sweet & Sour Chicken for dinner; a new recipe from the Food Network that I decided to try. Stir Fry chicken is usually not my strength but my husband had 2 helpings so it must have been ok :)  ... and for dessert, we had Ghiardelli Caramel Turtle Brownies. Mmmmmmmm.

Julianna in her new Ducky Bath tub. She liked it a lot
because all of her toys were right there with her.

Nap time before we went to the mall  

Sunday Morning fun-time with Daddy 
(ignore my very messy desk behind them lol!)

Jules eating her Gerber Puffs while we
ate our lunch at the mall.  

"Get me out of heeeere!
I don't like being on my belly in my crib!!"
(Julianna cries when she rolls on her belly in her crib sometimes, and Brian felt
he had to get this shot of her before he picked her up LOL!)  

Getting ready to go out on the town ... Touching noses!!  


  1. This might sound awful, but I love that crying pic of her in the crib!!! Sometimes those pitiful crying shots are the best!

    Kylie has the same pink frog pj's!

    Love the duck bath, looks like she enjoyed it.

  2. She is so cute, I love that duck bath!

  3. OMG, N does the same thing and cries when she ends up on her belly while in her crib! But I don't think N looks that cute while crying in it, lol.

  4. nap-time pic is my fav! hands loungin' behind her head ;)

  5. The nap pic is so great! She looks so comfy.

  6. We LOVE the Palisades Mall. I can never get through it all in one visit because I get worn out. That nap picture of Julianna is adoreable.

  7. Alicia - I know, the crying picture made me laugh, I can't help it. I didn't even know he took it until I was going through the downloaded pictures LOL. I had to post it. P for Pathetic. Funny b/c I have 2 of those frog PJs, one made by gerber and one by carters. The gerber ones seem sooo thin and gritty feeling. The carters pjs feel so much more fluffier. Same design though. The gerber stuff runs so small too!

    Ashley - thanks, tonight was her 2nd bath in the duck and she loves it. I felt bad taking her out of it!

    Kitten - yeah, she hates being on her tummy. We have done tummy time with her since she was teeny-tiny but she has never liked it. We don't think she will be crawling anytime soon or at all.

    b. lee & granthamania - would you beleive she sleeps like that all the time?! Even at night too. We wonder how many other babies sleep that way! SHe has a few other sleeping positions that are odd. I might have to sneak attack her with the camera in the middle of the night and take some pictures!! Poor Julianna is gonna be traumatized in a few years from me following her with the camera everywhere. haha!

    Amanda - Yeah, we don't get there too often, it's about an hour away, and goodness knows we have like 6 or 7 mega-malls within short range from our house - but that one is a good one! I like the one in Elizabeth by Ikea too - that is huge!

  8. Looks like she loved the duck!!

    love the cib pic btw :)

  9. Fun post! I love the last pic of J and Julianna and her daddy touching noses. Too sweet.

  10. Aimee- Yes she loves her duck! It's the best thing ever! :)

    Heather - Thanks! I love the eskimo kisses too! :)


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