Monday, January 24, 2011

This Weekend...

As I said in my last post, Julianna is now 8 months old. I love her more each and every day. Every day she does something new that makes me smile and love her all over again!

Here are some 8 month milestones that are note-worthy:
  • Not crawling - not even close (We suspect she may go right to walking!)
  • Likes to stand up - Jul will stand up if we balance her, she likes it a heckuva lot more than being on her belly! (Waaaaaahhhh!)
  • Solid foods - Jul is becoming the Veggie-Eatin-Queen! She loves any and all vegetables lately, especially corn, Mixed Veggies & Squash. She's not really too hot on fruits still. Who would have thought?!
  • Sippy Cup - Lovin' her sippy!
  • Sits without support of hands and can recover from tipping over
  • Uses Palmer grasp (whole hand) to reach for and grasp for toys (or anything else she can get her grubby little hands on as we are walking by something she wants!)
  • Feeds herself finger food (gerber puffs & minced egg yolk!)
  • Rolls all over and holds self up with arms
  • Not waving bye-bye yet. Soon I hope.
  • We are teaching her Mommy, Daddy, Hungry, Thirsty, More and All Done in sign language. No feedback yet as it can take weeks for them to pick it up.

Not sure where all of you live but here in the North East, we have been hit with the Big Freeze! It was -5 this morning when we woke up. Yes, 5 below zero. No, we do not live in Green Bay, Minnesota or Canada. We live in New Jersey. This is NOT the norm for us. Oh and we woke up with no heat too. This crap sucks. The oil lines froze up and we lost our heat. I have had a fire going in the wood stove all day today which has helped to make the house bearable and lucky for me, the stove is in my office (I work from home).
My husband is diligently working to thaw the lines out as we speak. God bless him for creeping around on all fours in the crawlspace to insulate the lines. Glad its not me. I love that man.

This past weekend, Brian, Baby Belle and I drove around our beautiful
Lake Hopatcong and took some nice Winter shots. Enjoy ...

Bear statue in the woods by the entrance to Raccoon Island 

One of the few spots on the lake that doesn't have ice.
It's the ferry entrance over to Raccoon Island.  

I thought this sign was funny ... No swimming please. 

See the ice-fishermen in the far background... 

 A man walking on the lake with his Newfoundland. That dog is about the only one loving this weather.

I bet that slide is fun in the summertime! 

Brian saw this little guy wandering up from the Lake as we were parked. He jumped out of the car and got a few shots of him - Real pretty fox!  

Hey, don't run away!

Ducks love to swim no matter what the weather. Brrrr.


  1. Rough times in Hopatcong. But the pictures are beautiful.

    Hope the heat comes back on for you asap!

    Jul is so precious and so beautiful. Every time I see her it's such a special time.

  2. Beautiful shots! We're in crappy ghetto looking Jersey City so no beautiful winter shots for us.

    Marshall hates laying on his stomach as well but I make him do it for a few minutes everyday to practice lifting his head up. He ends up getting himself into a frenzy as it he's being tortured :)

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the one on the right side-bar of your hubby with baby. SO CUTE!!!

    We took the twins in today for their 9 mos. check-up. Penny's 17lbs and Tripp's 20! They're getting so big...

  4. I miss the snow but I do NOT envy you with that weather. Too cold for me! Hope your get some warmer weather soon :)

    Great pics!

  5. Yvette Nana - We have heat. Yay!

    Amanda - Doesn't Jersey City look out over the city? so that's something I'm a bit jealous of :)
    Glad to know Julianna isn't the only one that hates being on her belly LOL. When we first started tummy time, you would think we were toruturing her the way she was screaming hahaha!

    Kari - Ooh thanks! Yeah I am partial to the one of them sleeping with Jul in her Mony - very cute. The twins are 9 mos... woah - our babies are getting older before our eyes! :) I can't wait to see if/what you have planned for their 1 yr birthday :) (seems so far away but it really isn't!)

  6. Granthamania - Once we move away from this area, I am thinking I might never miss the cold... but I could see missing the snow. It is pretty right after it falls... as long as is melts right away LOL

  7. beaut' shots of the little fox & ducks! my pops is in the NE & I keep hearing bout' the crazy cold temps * keep warm!!!

  8. Love these pics! The fox is beautiful, as is your little Julianna.
    My husband is from NJ..I'm from NY/CT but now we're in Maine and jeepers, it's COLD! We're all cold today in the northeast. Hope you warm up soon and I wanted to thank you for your lovely comments at No. 7. I've been a bit swamped with applications to grad school and haven't had much time to return the favor :(

  9. B. Lee - Thanks! I love foxes. We have a lot of them here but you don't see them much. They do a good job of hiding. Yes today we are having a heat wave. Gonna be in the 30's. LOL

    No. 7 - Yeah you live in Maine, you know wht cold. You gotta be getting it so much worse than we are! Brrrr! Thanks for commenting even with your busy schedule! Always appreciated! :)

  10. Whoa, I want to be there NOW. That last picture is amazing with the ducks. It looks professional!

  11. Karen - thanks! I will give credit to my husband though. He took that shot of the ducks and the fox :)


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