Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Girl Bath

Bath time was changed up about a month or so ago - Julianna outgrew her baby tub and graduated from that tub to the big bathtub in the bathroom. We have been taking baths with her because she couldn't really sit up strong enough yet to sit in the tub by herself.

It's fun to take a bath with her and play with all her bath toys - she loves to splash and play. She's also safe because we are right there in the water with her. Usually one of us is in the tub with her, and the other is kneeling next to the tub helping to soap her up & rinse her hair.

Tonight, my husband was stuck working unusually late, so I gave Julianna a bath... in the big tub... all by herself like a big girl! She did so good! I had my hand next to her the whole time to make sure she didn't fling herself backwards. She had a blast and I got to take some cute pictures of her too (shocking, I know!!). She did unfortuantely face-plant in the water, but I got her back up super-fast. My heart stopped when her face hit the water, I will admit. She only gave me a quick frown-face like she was going to cry, but then saw her toys and started to make a quick recovery and smiled! Phewwww!

Can you tell I am obsessed with taking pictures of Jules in the bath lately? Haha! I can't help it, she just looks so stinkin' cute!!

I've also started copyrighting my pictures... I noticed quite a few fellow mom-bloggers do the same thing... It seems like a good way to protect your child's photos.

UPDATE: 1/13/11
I decided to order Julianna the famous "Duck Tub" that so many mommies out there use to bathe their babies in! It's perfect and has some major personality!



  1. I found that bath times are more fun now that they can sit up... it feels like it stopped being a chore as I watch N play with her bath toys. Julianna looks really cute in the photos you took. Good job!

    About the copyright, here's a site where you can register your blog and it makes everything legit, it's free too. http://myfreecopyright.com It's another layer of protection for your intellectual property. :)

  2. Kitten - Ooh thanks for the info - going to do that tomorrow! :)

  3. Aww she looks like she is having so much fun!

    Good call on the copyright, how did you put that on your pics?

  4. So adorable. She just looks like she loves the water. That's a good thing. What a precious face.

  5. Cute!!! My kids love bathtime. I totally know the feeling when your heart skips a beat if they slip a bit. I am paranoid about baths even though the "baby" is 18 months, I still stay right there with them.

    You got some great pics, I love her look of concentration on her toys. :-)

  6. I love this post. Look at those adorable cheeks! I want to squeeze them!

  7. Kitten - I registered it on that website - thanks for the advice!

    Aimee- There are a few ways you can do it - I have a program called AVS editor that has an option for adding a watermark & you can simply add the text to each picture... or add a jpg or png file. I ended up creating a .png file with just text and clear background and I just add it to any picture that I am going to put on my blog now. I use my MS Digital imagin program to do that- but you can use just about any photo-editing program to do that. Then I took Kitten's suggestion and officially copyrighted my blog on myfreecopyright.com - It took me 2 minutes to set that up - It's worth it. Your baby's pics are worth protecting :)

    Yvette Nana - Yes she sure does! Bath time is fun time!

    Heather - yes, I think I Need to get some kind of mat for the bottom of the tub so she doesn't slip. That is scary and I will admit she did have a teeny egg that went away a few minutes later after she hit her head. Ouch.
    Oh yes the concentration is astounding - she almost has smoke coming out of her ears b/c she studies her toy so intensely LOL!

    Sarah - I just said to Julianna this mornig before daddy left with her to drop her at daycare- "I wish I could have you all day to kiss your cheeks!!" LOL

  8. Oh my gosh. SO cute. You can tell how much she loves it! Our baby tub is huge, so Nate STILL takes bath in his tub within the big tub. I think I'll probably be making that switch soon. I'm just not looking forward to him messing with the faucet handles and banging his head on the spout!

  9. So, so cute!!! Harry loves his baths too. I've considered watermarking, but it seems like such a project. How much time does it take?


  10. Amber - Yeh I thought it over and decided to order an inflatable tub (the duck above) so we don't have to get in the tub with her each night now - lol. And when she was in there alone, it made me too nervous. So ducky tub it is! :) You can be sure I'll be posting pics of that. This poor kid is gonna hate me when she sees the naked shots I took of her LOL

    Carla - The watermarking does not take long. I am pretty fast with my editing program but once you have the intial png file saved, all you have to do is add it to any picture in your editing program (using layers or just insert)... So it took me maybe an hour to create the file to get it looking the way I wanted, and then it takes 2 seconds to layer it on top of any photo and save it. I think its worth it ...

  11. Hope was in her baby tub for a looong time and then I tried that very duck tub. She HATED it. Don't know if she was afraid of the duck head or what. I bathed her in it 3 times while she screamed and then got rid of it! I hope Julianna likes it better! So we went right to the big tub. FYI - it doesn't look like you have one of those rubber tub mats down. We have one and Hope has always sat up just fine on it and she doesn't slide around. I forgot to put it down once and she was slip-sliding away!

  12. You'd think I would know my own blog address, but I just put it wrong on my last 2 comments! Duh!

  13. Stacia - Good news! Julianna loves the duck! Yayyy! I was scared she might not like it- and we would need to put it up in the attic lol - Nope, she loves it. Heeeeeeee!


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