Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Julianna has some Nicknames. We call her all kinds of cutesy things. I love reading other people's blogs and hearing what nicknames they call their children.

Some of Julianna's Nicknames are:
Little Bug
Jul (Pronounced Jewel)
Cutest Baby Ever
JBF (initals)
Belle (middle name)
Baby Belle

What are some of the Nicknames you call your little one?
I would love to hear them!


  1. Ah love the pic of her bright blue eyes! We use to call our son bug or bug-a-boo. Not sure why now he is 11 so that doesn't happen too often. His name is James so we call him Jamesy and Claire is our Claire-Bear!


  2. Glad you found our blog...even more glad you left a comment so I could find yours! Julianna is a beautiful baby...love her eyes (bet you get that ALL the time). Nice to know another May momma!

    We call Chloe 'Bug' too. Some others are Bugsy, Clo,Miss Priss and Drama (lovingly, of course).

  3. Hubby and I were just talking about this the other day when we realized that we don't really have a nickname for N. Is that bad? lol.

  4. I have tons as well ... but my latest for all 3 is plain ol' ... boo *

  5. I call Tripp puppy dog and penny is chubba-bubba. Luci is Lu, goosie, she-she, lulu, bubby. I'm a big nick-namer.

  6. Megan - Bugaboo, I love it. I hope mine never gets too old for me to call her by her nick names...but I'm sure she will. *sigh*

    Granthamnia - Ooh thanks for stopping by! She does have pretty eyes - she did not get that from me (I have brown eyes!) - my father has the same blue eyes. I'm happy she got those! :)

    Kitten - Nooo, it's not bad. Nadine is just too cute for words... and I am sure many of yuor readers have little names for her - how can you not? Her face is too precious!

    b. lee - I like the nick name Boo. That's cute! It's funny how we all have our little names for our kiddies!

    Klove- Lulu ... Awww love that. I know I have more names for Jules but I just couldn't think of any when I wrote this. haha

  7. What a fun post idea! I have two little ones: Hannah (18 months) and Nathan (3 years).

    We call Hannah: "Hannie" it's so cute because even our son calls her that sometimes now. :-)

    I remember we called Nathan: Natey, Nafey (started that because that's what our neices called him because they couldn't say the "th"), Bubba, and (this is weird but the song Fergielicious had just come out) Bubbalicious. Well, I was the only one who called him that.

    I think I get the silly nickname thing from my mom, I remember my youngest sister liked to say "sha sha" alot when she was a baby and babbling. My mom took to calling her "sha-she" hehe.

  8. Hi Heather! Yeh I thought it would be cute to hear everyone else's NN's! I love bubbalicious! LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I like Baby Belle! Cute! We have a few nicknames for Julianna also! The ones we use most often are-Jules(of course!) JuJuBee, Julsies & Mamacita!

  10. Ahsley - Yeh we were in the foodstore one day and saw the Baby Belle cheese and we thought that was so cute and we started calling her that - haha! I love Ju-Ju Bee. I might have to steal that one from you ... Tee-Hee!!!

    OH I thought of a couple more names we call her ... when she is not behaving well LOL -
    CrankyPants or Crankster

    Yes- Beast may seem harsh but you have not seen her when she gets super cranked up - she morphs into the beast! LOL (all in good fun of course!)

  11. I love what you did with the eyes in the first one! She does have striking eyes in all of her pics!! I like the "bug" too. Nate is often "Love bug" which is sure to disgust him in another year or two! Other times he is, obviously, Nater Tot and Natey.

  12. OMGosh, I call Hope so many things, it's truly shocking that she knows her real name! LOL. I don't even remember all the ones we called her as a baby, but Doodle Bug, Love Bug and Bug were some and I still call her Bug sometimes. I also call her Bub, Bubbie and Bubba. Eric calls her Sweetie Weetie sometimes. I call her Missy or Girlie when she's not behaving or tell her she's a Monkey (because I'm thinking Monster but I don't want to say it! LOL!) I call her Crabby Patty when she's a crank. She thinks it's funny. (She is way too young for Sponge Bob and doesn't know anything about it but Eric and I think it's funny!) A lot of times I just call her Baby. :)

  13. We mainly call Kylie, Hopie (middle name is Hope)and Cupcake, but several others get used occasionally, including Princess :)

    Love the "Cutest Baby Ever" for Julianna :)

    My parents gave me the nickname Prissy when I was little because I was so prissy all the time, well 30 years later and they and my brother's still call me Prissy. I went thru a stage where I absolutely hated it, but now I don't care at all.

  14. Amber ... yeah it seems like bug is very popular, but it is sooo cute, how can we resist?!

    Stacia - LOL about Monster. It's ok. Jul's nickname yesterday afternoon during her meltdown was BEAST. lol

    Alicia - Cupcake. Very cute. I think our kids will love their nicknames (NOT!)... I still cringe to this day when my mom calls me my nicknames. Ugh!

  15. For Nina, she is now called Niner (Nee-Ner), and Maya is well, My-My.

    as for your blue eyed jewel...We still call her Baby Jules when we talk about her here.


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