Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures from this past weekend

Yes I changed my blog. Again.
I'm like a chameleon ... I am constantly changing colors. I needed something cheery & bright to make me forget about winter. Pink & Green works for me.

Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Hanging out in the Rockaway Mall lounge area after a nice 8 oz bottle!
Daddy went and got me a much needed Latte while I fed Julianna. He's the best ever!

Puttin' around from store to store outside.  

Julianna on her new interlocking play mat (love it!)

Looking for Pepper (our dog) ... Where is she?? 

Playing on her mat 

Julianna's tu-tu crawler from Baby Gap - Love It!  

Studying her block. Very interested in the green apple. 

Fun Experimenting with "colorize" 

 "I love my Tu-Tu!!!"

Daddy holds Julianna like a football and she loves it! 



  1. OMG! So darn cute. She is SO special. I can't stand it. What a little lovebug. :)

  2. love the tu-tu on her.... she is growing so fast and learning big things.. Enjoy your baby girl!! Mrs. G

  3. Great pics! I love that little tutu :)

  4. the tutu crawlers rocks! doesn't it make you want to buy one of each color and of every size???

  5. The tutu is awesome and I love the new look!!

  6. Mrs G & Yvette- Yes she is growing fast. Too fast but each day is something new, so it's such a fun time!

    Aimee - thanks, isn't that the best!

    Kitten - I was prepared to but the Gap Kids in our mall doesn't have a good Baby section and they didn't have any. There is an actual Baby Gap in another mall that I can get those from and I will be making a special trip for that!

    Ashley - thanks... I needed a 'pick-me-up" in this cold & dreary weather. (You'd think I lived in Antartica the way I carry on! It's only NJ!!)

  7. Last week, it was on clearance at Baby Gap for only $8 each. It used to be $30! Good Luck! :)

  8. I love her in her little tutu. She's adorable. :] I have some serious baby fever going on. I think everyone I know is either pregnant right now, or just became a new mom. Kinda makes me miss having a baby around.

  9. Julianna is so freaking cute. LOVE the tutu!!

  10. Kitten - Thanks, they are sold out online in her size... or any future sizes. I am going to try and hit baby gap this week to see if I can luck out .... *sigh*!

    Hollie - thanks! I know what you mean - Jul is only (just shy of) 8 months, and my friend just had a baby, and I found myself ooohing & ahhing over her - and it made me think "Wow, I could do another" ... (then I came to my senses LOL)

    Amber - thanks! The tu-tu rocks. I will need to find a way to get some more since they are sold out online. By the way I love the name of your blog - it's too cute!

  11. Like the others before me, I love her tutu! I have been wanting to get Jules one of those playmats also!

  12. Ashley O - THanks! Go for the playmat - it was so not expensive and sooo worth it - Our house is small, so I am able to pop it down on the floor in under a minute and take it back up when she is done playing. We love it! And it's so safe for her! :) Your Jules will love it hehe!

  13. Ashey O - Here is the link for them - http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=6683&cmSource=Search

  14. That tutu is adorable!!!!! My daughter needs one. That's right, she NEEDS it, hehe.

    My son (age 3) saw these pictures and thought she was so cute. He wanted to know who she was so I told him her name is Julianna. His sister is named Hannah so now he thinks your daughter's name is Julie-Hannah. It was so cute, I couldn't correct him. :-)

  15. Heather- Oh yes, the tutu is just the cutest thing ever. I know they are on sale at baby gap but I think they are going to have a spring line of tu-tu's also. Can't wait to see them! :)
    That is so cute that your son was asking abuot Julianna... I mean Julie-Hannah! Awww!!!


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