Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vacation !!

Well. It's winter and we just got some snow here in NJ, about 8 inches to be exact. Quite frankly, I'm over the whole snow & cold weather thing. I am ready for the sun and the beach! I am ready for vacation.
We booked our vacation rental house for this summer - South Nags Head in the Outer Banks (North Carolina for anyone not familiar). We have made vacationing to the Outer Banks a yearly tradition now.
We have gone to the Outer Banks for several summers now, but this summer will be a very special one. It will be Julianna's first beach vacation. I can't wait to see what she thinks of the sand and the ocean, and I can't wait to build sand castles .... and I can't wait to pick sand out of every crack & crevice of her body! LOL.

Here is a picture from the deck of the beachfront house we rented. It doesn't get much more beachfront than this ... I am counting down the days!

Does anyone else have their summer vacation booked? If so, where are you going? What new things will you do if this is your first one with your baby?
Do you have any vacation traditions or looking to start a new tradition with your kids?


  1. we LOVE OBX as well & go annually * sooo lookin' forward to summer-summer-summertime! sweet view u guys will have *

    ps. we never did this till our 3rd bambino .. but actually set-up a porta-crib on the beach underneath an umbrella -- sure we still let her explore in the sand .. but it gave her a place to rest, snack & play (stress-free for mama a bit :)

  2. My husband's family goes to Outerbank Crossing every summer. We've never been able to go with them but we may this year if only for a weekend vacay since it will be Marshall's first summer. Aside from camping with my family in Michigan in July we don't have any other plans... yet :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that sounds so lovely right now. What a fun tradition!

    We are going to try and move this spring so a vacation may not happen. However, my parents have an amazing lake house. We hope to take Jackson there a lot this summer!

  4. Wow, what a view!!! We don't have any big summer vacation plans yet but I know my husband wants to plan a trip for the two of us. Leave the kids with Grandma, I think that's his plan. :-)

  5. Oh WOOOOW! I am jealous! The place looks amazing. :)

  6. B. Lee- Oh that's great. So many people that live around my area go there yearly - it seems to be the place to do family vacations in the summer! We love it there and we can bringour dog too!

    AManda- Yeh we had to skip last summer b/c Julianna was so young, born in May - so we decided to forgo last summer's trek, we instead did a bunch of weekend trips.But certainly looking forward to this summer!

    Karen -ooh well the lake house sounds great too! Be sure to take some pictures when you go there!

    Heather- I hear ya - we plan on doing that for our 5 yr anniversary next year. We are hoping to leave Jul with either grandma or auntie K. We want to go to an island and won't be taking Julianna ... we'll take her to the carribean when she is older.

    Kitten - thanks, you can be sure I'll be taking a zillion pictures while we are there! haha!

  7. I was JUST thinking how badly we needed a vacation. But worries like, should we spend the money? is it too much of a hassle? keep holding me back. This looks heavenly! Thanks for pushing me towards the beach!!

  8. Hope still hasn't been to the beach. :( I am not much of a beach person myself, but I still wanna take her!

  9. well it's not a summer vacation but we are going to the beach in February!! for my 22nd birthday! I'm super stoked!

  10. A beach vacation will be so much fun! We'll probably go to Pennsylvania to visit family, but nothing for sure yet. Kylie's going on her first vacation in Feb, flying to Arizona for a 90th b-day party which will be a huge family reunion. My husband's brother and his family will even be there from Ireland!

  11. Amber - do the beach! Just think how much fun you'll have eternally picking sand out of little Nate's butt! :) ... It's all worth it!!

    Stacia - Ya gotta go at least once this summer. You live pretty close ... I am not a fan of the NJ shore, but we found a nice family spot without the rowdy teenagers (omg I am old!) We go to Seven Presidents beach in Long Branch. It's a state park too and very nice. We are gonna test the waters this year with julianna to see how she deals with the water and sand and sun...

    Short LEg Lucy - Well... I am jealous, you can go to the beach when it's still cold & frozen tundra here. Hmmphhh!

    Alicia - Oooh your first flying experience with Kylie, that should be interesting - make sure to post about that! I am scared to take julianna on a plane ... all the mommy fears go through my mind like what if she screams the whole time?? What if she ge4ts sick? What if she pukes? What if she screams? And of course, What if she screams?! LOL

    Ashley - thanks - you can be sure I wll be taking plenty of pics. I might even have to blog on my blackberry from the beach :)

  12. I'm worried about the same as you...What if she screams?! It took convincing and a lot of thinking to decide to do it, it's for my husband's uncle's 90th b-day and my brother in law and his family will be coming to it, they live in Ireland and I haven't seen them in 3 years, so......once I found out they were coming I finally agreed to it. I'm really nervous about being in a hotel with her for so many nights, my baby likes to be rocked and I doubt we'll have a rocking chair! The flight is only about 3 hours so hopefully she won't scream the whole time, but if she does, I'll probably just break down and cry also!

  13. Alicia - I bet if you call ahead to the hotel and ask them if they have a rocking chair or some kind of rocker recliner thing, I bet they will accomodte you for your stay there. Most hotels are usually good about accomodating your needs because they want your business. They might just be able to find one for you :) It's worth a shot!

  14. dont worry about the screaming, i doubt that happy girl will scream. Maya has flown to PR already and pretty much passed out with in minutes of takeoff. Nina has been flying since she is a year old too - lots of snacks and coloring books and there is no screaming...As for the sand - Remember diapers hold LOTS of water and LOTS of sand! hah! and dont worry - If she eats some, it will come out...When Nina saw the ocean for the first time she was about 3, and she said WOW, look at that big pool! was priceless!


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