Monday, January 10, 2011

Our weekend of "Firsts"

We had a fun weekend here. And quite the weekend of "firsts". The weekend was too short as always, and Monday morning came faster than a speeding train... but I guess it makes you appreciate the good times that create life memories. (But for those of us that can't remember crap, like me, that's why I blog; so I can have it recorded somewhere!)

Our weekend consisted of the following "Firsts"

First Diaper Rash
Yup. It happened. I have always heard your baby will get this at least once. Let's hope this is the "one" time. Her little butt started getting red on Friday and got worse by Saturday - we were very diligent about changing her and keeping her dry and using desitin, etc.... We put her in the bath 2x this weekend so it would stay clean and let her air-dry (until she peed all over the changing pad! haha!) It just had to work it's course. Poor lil' baby butt. It looked so sore. It didn't seem to bother her luckily. Julianna is incredibly tolerant.  We change her diaper quite often, even before she needs it sometimes, so I know it was not from sitting in wet diapers (our daycare provider is also very assiduous about changing too). I read that diaper rash can be caused when babies start eating a lot of solids, and sure enough she is. Today it looks much better... Let's hope it's gone soon. Sorry, but I did not take a picture for your viewing pleasure LOL.

First time in the shopping cart like a big girl
Yes, we put Julianna in the shopping cart at the food store for her first time like a big girl. She has been on many shopping excursions, but not without being in her car seat. Well, it was time to graduate to 'sitting up in the cart' this weekend. She took it all in stride. Julianna loved it- she was squealing up a storm and loved looking at the people from this angle. And of course everyone was smiling at her because she was giving them her big toothless grin!

First time in the wooden highchair at the restaurant
This was Julianna's first time sitting like a big girl in the highchair in the restaurant on Friday night. It was awesome. Germ-phobe Mommy made sure to put Julianna's Floppy seat on before she could get one finger on the dirty highchair (YUCK!!). Daddy also wiped down the table with anti-bacterial wipes. OK laugh it up, but I know you all do the same thing! We fed her oatmeal & Sweet Potatoes for dinner while we dined on Calamari, Chicken Saltimbocca and Grilled Chicken with Penne & Vodka sauce. I thought she would be distracted but she ate like a pro. She was also hamming it up with the group at the table behind us of course. *Sigh*

"I want to order from the menu too Daddy!"

First time Julianna wore her Furry Snow-Suit
Julianna has a cute snow-suit that Grandma bought her and this was her first opportunity to wear it since she wasn't all tucked into her car seat now. It is so soft & fuzzy. I want one for me.

First Time chomping on a hard roll (and bagel)
When we were at the restaurant, Brian and I gave Julianna a roll to chomp on. And in Shoprite, we gave her a chunk of a bagel to gum. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am super-cautious about what 'human' foods we give her. I am just not into giving my kid everything at the young age of 8 months when her bitty-little digestive system is still developing. So for me to OK a bagel or roll is just astounding. LOL. She was only gumming it anyway ... I doubt anything even made it down the trap. It kept her busy and she liked it. We will be doing that again.

Some other pics from this weekend

Bath time fun - making razzzberries at
Mommmy.Nice way to treat the one that
washes the filth from your body! 

Snug as a bug in her warm towel  

Going... going... 


Julianna was exhausted from her first day of
shopping like a big girl!

A few inches of pretty snow this weekend 


  1. Aren't FIRSTS exciting? I love love love how she fell asleep on the cart, that is too cute. :)

  2. That pix of her with the wet hair curly-kew is beyond cute. It's 'against the law' cute!!!!

  3. all these pictures are so cute! The cheeks in the bath picture are to die for! I have yet to put the twins in a shopping card. I'm sure it'll happen soon. XOXO

  4. Too cute! I feel that way after a day of shopping myself :)

  5. Oh, she is soooo cute and those cheeks are definitely illegal. As far as people food (what you and I eat) you are braver than I was. I mean I broke cheerios into quarters (do you have any idea how hard that is?, LOL). They came out with this wonderful new invention - Jaden was fortunate to experience it though. It was this net type thing you unscrew the top and put soft or semi hard fruits, cheeses, or whatever you want your child to try without choking. I may have kept mine, if I find it you can have it. Out of all my kids, Jaden eats the best food choices due to this invention. I put everything into this net, screwed the top on (which was the holder. I found this great not only to have the freshest food, but I could refrigerate fruits and it was a teether with cool purpose. You see this item, buy it and buy a few. I refused to cross share between food groups. She will be able to eat everything you are eating. The possibilities are endless rice, cookies (the baby ones) steamed carrots, string beans, squash, meat loaf, the list goes on and on and no more baby food.
    Crashing in the cart is just fantastic. You will remember these milestones forever, what a lucky girl - I think????

  6. how beautiful is little Julianna!? congrats new mama ... & blogger :)

  7. Kitten - I know, that was totally unexpected. I was wondering how she would behave once she got tired - guess we got our answer.

    Yvette Nana - I know, she might be the cutest when she is in the bath!

    Klove- Oh yeh - how do you put twins in the cart? Can they both fit? I never even thought about that! All this stuff you have to think about with twins- shheessh! :)

    Amanda- LOL yeh we all do. Wouldn't it be great if we all could pass out wherever you happen to be?

    Jagmom - thanks, I have the mesh feeder \- we've tried it a few times but she's not interested yet. We are taking solids slow b/c she started late. I am just thrilled when she eats her full serving of oatmeal or barley and her veggies right now LOL

    b. Lee- thanks so much! Welcome to my blog!

    Branson - thank you!! :)

  8. She is so darling! I go slow with the real foods too--I just don't think it can hurt anything. I loved putting Harry in the shopping cart too--it was so fun to watch him and his sister "visit" while I was shopping...I hope they still like each other when they're bigger!


  9. I love the shopping cart pics where she is falling asleep! Priceless!

  10. woah, no kidding....LOL! The bagel for u is a big deal! glad she gummed it up - probably kept her busy for a good long while. too cute.


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