Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is your kid this weird?

My husband and I have always known Julianna sleeps in weird positions. We go into her room when she's sleeping and stare at her like psychos. We watch her breathe. We laugh at how she sleeps in what seems like the most uncomfortable positions. She twists her arms & legs like a pretzel. Maybe everyone else's kid is this weird? Who knows!? I have to take some shots of her other positions. She does another thing where she rolls on her side and props her feet up on top of the bumper! I Need to get a shot of that. I guess she must be comfortable because she sleeps hard!

 Slightly turned on her side, arm under her chin, left leg twisted up under her other leg, and her head all twisted up to the right. Weirdo kid of mine!

Look at the arm jammed under her chin - that's just not normal 


I had to take this picture. I love to look at her little lips & her chubby fingers while she sleeps. I can't help it.  

When we change Jul, she loves to play with her little Giraffe. It keeps her distracted so she's not trying to throw herself off the changing table.

I just love this kid so much !!


  1. You are not alone! My kid does the same thing. He gets upset sometimes when I put him to bed so I let him cry it out. When I go check on him, he is usually passed out in some crazy, twisted position! He also loves to sleep on his belly now--it's so darn cute watching him sleep!

    I love that sleeper Julianna is in. It's too sweet. She looks all cozy :)

  2. Love the sleeping baby pics! She is beautiful even when she's sleeping :)
    Kylie does get into some pretty weird positions, will have to try to get some pictures of them!

  3. Karen - I know it's just the best watching them sleep - such innocence & beauty! I wish Carters sold those PJs for moms (& dads) too! Maybe I should start a business where I sell kids PJ's and matching ones for the parents LOL.

    Alicia - Thanks! Yes please get some - nothing more awesome than a sleeping baby picture. Not sure why but that's the way it is! :)

  4. She really is a cutie when she's sleeping...when she's awake too! Can you imagine if our necks were still as flexible as a baby's? It's amazing! I'd be so sore if I slept like my kids!


  5. Sleeping baby pics are the best :) She is adorable!

    Kids sleep in the craziest positions don't they??

  6. I would totally be that psycho mom with matching PJs for my baby. Marshall does the same thing. He refuses to sleep on his back and ends up all mashed up against the side of his bassinet. I just think he stays asleep so he must be comfortable.

  7. Haha she is way too cute!! Xo

  8. Carla - I know, I would be in the hospital if I tried some of her sleep positions LOL

    Aimee - I know! I could watch her all day & night sleeping! It just makes me smile so much! :)

    Amanda- Ah see, we might be on to something! Let's start that PJ company up LOL

    Ashley - thanks! I could just eat her up... but I guess all moms think that about their baby!


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