Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Weekend

This is how I describe my 3 day holiday weekend:
Fun, Relaxing, Stressful, Funny, Full of Love, A First (milestone), Sleep, Improvisation.

This is why I described it that way:

FUN: because we went to the mall on Friday to return & exchange some items from Christmas - and had fun shopping and leisurely walking around the mall in general. Julianna loves seeing all the lights & people. She squeals at everyone. It's so cute. We went to Best Buy so I could 'touch' the DSLR I've been eyeing up. I wanted to check it out in person and decided this is the one I am going to get soon; Canon EOS Rebel T2i  - I am giddy with anticipation but going to hold off for a month or so ... It's not a high-end model, but a nice entry to mid-level camera. I can grow into it without growing out of it.

Relaxing: We got to sit around and relax a lot and not do a whole lot. It was nice. We watched a ton of House Hunters (addicted to it) & fantasized what it would be like to win the HGTV Dream home in Stowe, VT.  *Sigh*

Stressful: Julianna was a beast on Saturday. She was not happy no matter what. She screamed & cried ... would not nap well at all and did not want her food. Ugh. We suspect it was residual from her flu shot on Thursday night. So we gave her some Tylenol on Saturday evening, and she fell asleep in Daddy's arms... and off to bed she went. Luckily she sleeps through the night no matter how bad of a day she has. Phewwww!! Sunday she was a little beastly in the morning, but after her 2 hour morning nap... the Beast officially left the building & she went back to her normal, happy, giggling, smiling self!

Funny: After the beast disappeared, Julianna was back to her fun self. We played on the floor for what seemed like hours. She had so much fun just laughing and playing with all her toys. That has to be my favorite time with her! I love watching her play with all her new (and old) toys! She just makes us laugh. I love her new floor mats that we got - they are so easy to pop down on the floor, and dis-assemble (& put away) when done.

Full of Love: I say this because every minute I spend with my husband and daughter is full of love. There is no time wasted on stupid arguments or negativity. We just enjoy each other's company and make the best of every moment we are fortunate to have together.

"First": Well we did have a small "First" this weekend. Nothing major but still they were small milestones in our eyes! When we went to the mall, we decided to take Julianna out of her infant car seat and put her in her stroller sitting up, like a big girl. She loved it. It was her first time... long overdue indeed, but still her first time! I am sooo ready to ditch the infant seat anyway- I hurt my right shoulder and back from lifting that 18 pound turkey every day! I want to install her Britax convertible seat in the car ...SOON!

(Looking at her hat in this picture, I think it might be a weee bit too big for her!)

Sleep: It was nice to sleep in for a few mornings in a row. Julianna slept until 7:30 on Sunday. I love that she can almost go 12 hours. We could have gone longer but I started to have anxiety about her schedule being thrown off so much LOL. I made us get up!(Psycho mom)

Improvisation: Brian, Julianna & I visited our friend’s house for dinner last night – and we forgot Julianna’s portable booster seat for eating at the dinner table. (Oh no!)
We needed to do something so we could feed her. I can't do the lap thing while WE are trying to eat. Too much hassle. So, another friend that was there had her grand daughter’s Booster Car-seat in her car. She brought it in, we put it on the dining room chair, and my friend got her pants-belt and wrapped it around the chair to strap in Julianna. It was sooo funny and sooo ghetto! Poor Jule-bug. Hey, she didn't fuss. She was happy as a clam and we were able to have her sit with us while we ate, and feed her at the same time. Nothing like a little Improv.


  1. What a fun post! Flu shots are a beast. In fact, I think immunizations are a beast too--it's one of the few times I advocate a dose of baby tylenol! I'm jealous of those 12 hours...Harry will go 12-13 hours at night, but he usually wakes up at some point acting like he's starving.


  2. Poor mommy, it's the worst when your baby is sick. If you're like me you think they're instantly sick with pneumonia and need to be hospitalized...both mine have bronchitis and ear infections right now and my bbsitter is pissed I'm giving them antibiotics...she's a hippy. I just need them better pronto!'re turning into a pro with your quick Improvs. Can't wait for you to get your camera! You're gonna love it!

  3. Congrats on the mileston. Your little girl is simply perfection in that photo. It made me tear up and I don't even know her!!

  4. Sounds like a good New Years weekend! And I think you'll love the T2i when you decide to go for it!

  5. Carla - I am with ya on the baby tylenol. I am a pill-popper myself (not anything bad - I am talking about if they make a pill to fix something, I am for it!) so I am ok with baby tylenol... and if it helps her, then its ok by me!

    Klove- Yep, like I said to Carla - I am for it. I am just not that "natural" enough of a person to not do it. If Julianna needs AB's down the road, then she is getting them (obviously if the dr says it's what she needs)... I hope your 2 are ok!!

    Sarah - Thank you! Awww what a great compliment! Isn't it funny how us mama's can feel esch other's stuff we are going through like it's our own! :)

    Jen - thanks, I intend to go for it soon enough!

  6. Haha very creative on the seat!

  7. Branson - thanks!! Yes funny how you have to think on the fly like that! haha!


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